By @Scabal for @Solito_Sartoria

Heralding a new dawn in luxury #suiting cloth, Scabal’s Sunrise allows men of taste and #distinction to shine in luxurious #suits. Its #sophisticated, delicate finish is balanced with a
sophisticated shine and an exceptionally soft touch – a harmonious 50/50 blend of Super
200’s #wool and the very purest #silk.

Created in #Scabal’s #Huddersfield mill, the deft spinning and weaving of #Sunrise’s delicate
fibres requires time, patience and remarkable technical skill – thankfully West Yorkshire is
home to the world’s finest #worsted producers.

The result is a first-class fabric beloved of #tailors and wearers alike, thanks to its light
weight and smooth touch. As well as the beiges and light greys, the range comes in a bold
colour palette and 28 beautifully decorated designs that cut an #elegant dash from dawn
until dusk.