By @Scabal

For the #gentleman who insists on the #RollsRoyce of suits and for a #HeadTurning example of Scabal’s continued innovation look no further than the dazzling #specialedition fabric, #DiamondChip.

As its name suggests, the cloth incorporates genuine #diamond chips microscopic fragments of the hardiest and most beguiling precious stone into a combination of Super 150’s #wool and pure #silk.

Scabal first set out to create a diamond-woven cloth in 2001, not as a museum-bound exhibition piece, but as a boundary-pushing fabric for #sophisticated suits. A few versions later and not only does Diamond Chip shine both literally and figuratively, but is supremely comfortable and hang handsomely. After all, Scabal would never sacrifice comfort for the sake of beauty.

At its #Huddersfield mill, rich in creativity for more than 500 years, the diamond fragments are spread on the Super 150’s wool once it has been cleaned and combed; only then is it spun and woven with 20 per cent pure silk.

The range is available in subtle grey, brown, and blue tints, woven stripy patterns and semi-plain patterns to bring out the best in its cut-above construction and diamond sparkle. Thanks to Scabal, diamonds can be a man’s best friend, too.